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Mar. 21st, 2015 03:26 am
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"Hello! This is Pearl Fey. Sorry I couldn't answer, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you, and goodbye!"


day 3.

Mar. 5th, 2015 10:33 pm
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[ Mia and Maya were dead. Mia and Maya were dead. Dead. Dead, dead, dead.

The oust had been overturned. Someone had chosen Mia and Maya to die, last night. What had that person been thinking? If they'd thought Mia and Maya were bad badgers, the mirrors told them otherwise. Only one bad badger ally found. Matt Engarde and Simon Keyes, the victims of the first oust. Myriam and now Kristoph's team were dead. That meant either Mr Armando's or Uncle Ray's team was the bad one.

But when the vote had unanimously voted for Mr Armando and Mr Blackquill, someone had overturned it. Someone had murdered her cousins. Her innocent cousins.

Whoever killed them, they must be a monster. A monster, a foolish monster with a broken soul.

Not that Pearl has seen the mirrors, yet. She hasn't had the chance.

Trucy is the one that drags Pearl away from her cousins' corpses, away from the sight of their spilled blood. Pearl barely pays attention as she's dragged back to Daryan Crescend room, Trucy's room. There's no blood or corpses here, yet the image of her cousins is stained on her mind. It's all she can see through her tears as she sinks to the floor again. ]
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[This is getting out of hand, and right now... Trucy is starting to be the only person she trusts. To talk to, anyway. So, like she did earlier in the day, she loops her arm through Trucy's and leads her to her room. Hopefully everyone just assumes they're gossiping about boys.

Locking the door behind her, Pearl gently bangs her head against it. ]

All right. So. It's my cousins versus Mr Armando and Mr Blackquill.

[ This is not a good outcome. ]

day 2.

Mar. 3rd, 2015 10:37 pm
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[ Pearl leads Trucy back to her room, the "Morgan Fey" room. It's not that she doesn't trust the others (her trust list is longer than her don't trust list, seriously), not exactly, but she is becoming more aware that if there are really bad badgers that they could easily be listening in when she's discussing things.

So, she figures that the Teen Girl Discussion Squad should maybe avoid speaking in front of, y'know, the whole room when making plans or just... figuring things out.

Locking the door behind her, Pearl turns to Trucy. ]

It might be safer to talk here. About everything. I hate to mistrust anyone, but... [ WELL ]
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Toplevel. Meet Dahlia, Ray, and Mystic Maya.
w/ Trucy. Search for clues and ask the badger for ice cream!
w/ Phoenix. Assist Mr Nick in his investigation.
w/ Larry. Swoon over the Steel Samurai.
w/ Engarde. Pet Shoe and yell at Mr Engarde.
w/ Kristoph. Wonder why this guy thinks this place is cute.
w/ Badger, Trucy, Phoenix. Question the badger, discuss things with Trucy & Mr Nick.
w/ Dahlia. Check on the girl who was poisoned.
w/ Mia. Find Mystic Mia, who's alive again.
w/ Phoenix, Trucy. Suggest Mr Nick get some water for his cough.
w/ Trucy. Discuss the clues.
w/ Myriam. Praise box girl for her coming forward.
w/ Simon Keyes. Ask if he's bad.
w/ Kristoph.
w/ Phoenix. Try to refill magatama, fail.
w/ Phoenix. Smack some sense into Mr Nick.
w/ Mia. Confirm what Trucy said about her powers not working.
w/ Yanni Yogi. Check on man sleeping on his feet.
w/ Dahlia. Making an effort to bring out the goodness in her sociopath half-sister.
w/ Apollo, Trucy, Maya. Find out that Apollo's being held captive... and being tortured. Immediately vote for Team Matt Engarde.
w/ Trucy. Discuss ousting, murder, and magic tricks.
w/ Maya. Discuss blocked powers.
w/ Godot. Discuss punch.
w/ Trucy, Larry. Discuss clues with Trucy, then get offered a sidekick job by Larry.
w/ Trucy. Discuss pizza guy.
w/ Mia. Become a Mia/Godot shipper.
w/ Mia. Assure cousin that they'll de-handcuff them.
w/ Agent Lang, Maya. Pick a fight with the wolf pizza cop, hug Maya.
w/ Godot. Argue about Mia's voting intent.
w/ Godot. Try to stop Mr Armando from offing Dahlia.
w/ no one. React to the unmurder of Dahlia.
w/ Phoenix, Trucy, Maya. Just want to go home. :(
w/ Blackquill. Why are you so damn noble about this?